Access Control Systems

To maximise your security it is essential that you monitor, restrict and record the movement of people or vehicles both in and out of your premises. Installing access control systems allows you to do all of this and more.

Additionally, you can integrate your access control equipment with all your other integrated security components such as your CCTV and intruder detection systems. This allows greater visibility of your premises and increased protection of your staff and visitors.

Benefits of installing access control

1. Integration with your other security systems to maximise protection
2. Reduced administration time through visitor management software
3. Full control over when and where your staff, visitors and vehicles are permitted
4. Enables all your security to be controlled centrally

Whether you are a small organisation, an educational establishment, or a large commercial business we can design the right, bespoke access control solution for you.

Access Control Systems Options

To deliver the best solution for your business, Raksha Safety Solutions has a wide range of proximity and biometric access control solutions. Access control technology is rapidly changing with the adoption of smart cards which can carry out a multiple administrative tasks – giving a simpler system to use and freeing up your staff resources.

Access control card systems can be used to record:

1. Alarm monitoring and notification of system breaches
2. Staff and visitor’s time and attendance
3. Locker management
4. ID badge design and production
5. Roll call and mustering – ensuring employees are safe

Our access control systems provide a secure method of card control, using strong, mechanically reliable and trouble free locks.

Network Based Multi-Location Access Control

To lower the cost, your access control systems can be connected over your IP network, using Cat5 network cable and Power over Ethernet technology. This will reduce installation time and lower the amount of energy consumed throughout the system’s operational life, without comprising on quality.

Furthermore, by using IP Networks, we can connect all your sites, across multiple cities, to a central database making management far simpler.